Visit to Amsterdam - December, 2001

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01.Amsterdam Morning.jpg
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02.Amsterdam Canal.jpg
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03.Marion Near Dam Square.jpg
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04.Amsterdam Canal.jpg
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05.Hotel Des Arts.jpg
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06.ABN-AMRO Bldg.jpg
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07.Van Loon Museum Room.jpg
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08.Van Loon Museum Garden.jpg
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09.Marion on Canal Boat1.jpg
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10.Marion on Canal Boat2.jpg
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10A.tboat paul1.JPG
Dec 6 2001
8:37:17 am
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10B.tboat paul2.JPG
Dec 6 2001
8:37:31 am
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11.Artis Zoo Bird.jpg
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12.Artis Zoo Tree.jpg
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13.Under the Reichsmuseum.jpg
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14.Nightime Canal Scene.jpg
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15.French Fry Guy.jpg
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16.Van Gogh Museum.jpg
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17.African Art.jpg
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18.Both on Canal Boat.jpg
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19.Canals at Dusk1.jpg
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20.Canals at Dusk2.jpg
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21.Centraal Station.jpg
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22.En Route Home.jpg
Table created by Paul Turgeon