Peter Turgeon -- The Montage Voiceovers

Peter Turgeon in NYC Circa 1959
Fables by Jodi Hart; Voiceover by Peter Turgeon
Recorded at Gotham Recording Corporation, 2 West 46 Street, New York

August 10, 1960:

The Rainbowmaker (1,928KB)
The Betterthan (1,774KB)
The Lion and the Ant (2,256KB)
The Clove of Garlic (1,897KB)

August 22, 1960:

The City Slicker (2,783KB)
The Penguin (2,692KB)
The Me-Toos (2,385KB)
The Provident Father (2,085KB)

Writings by Peter Turgeon:

Peter Turgeon - Dont Wait for Smiles

Films with Peter Turgeon:

De Duva (114,865KB)