Airborne Videos!

Click to see 01 Extrem Cam.JPG
01 Extrem Cam.JPG
Jun 4 2005
3:22:21 pm
Click to see 02 Mary Mans the Van.JPG
02 Mary Mans the Van.JPG
Jun 4 2005
3:22:37 pm
Click to see 03 Full Kit Aboard.JPG
03 Full Kit Aboard.JPG
Jun 4 2005
3:22:52 pm
Click to see 04 2.4 GHz + Capture Card.JPG
04 2.4 GHz + Capture Card.JPG
Jun 4 2005
3:28:10 pm
Click to see 05 Will + Extrem Cam.JPG
05 Will + Extrem Cam.JPG
Jun 4 2005
3:52:04 pm
Click to see Components.JPG
Oct 30 2005
10:04:38 am
Click to see Flight-Ready.JPG
Oct 30 2005
10:04:21 am
Click to see Silhouette Setup.JPG
Silhouette Setup.JPG
Oct 30 2005
9:21:31 am
Click to see Van and Plane.JPG
Van and Plane.JPG
Oct 30 2005
10:04:10 am
Click to see Xtreme CamPlane.JPG
Xtreme CamPlane.JPG
Oct 30 2005
9:22:01 am

26,725KB, 10:29; Aerobird Xtreme over the Whitney Point Dam and Upper Lisle Campground, October 29-30 2005: Music "Escape From The Atmosphere" from Mannheim Steamroller "Fresh Aire 5"

3,816KB, 3:20; SloV over the Whitney Point Dam, Labor Day 2005: Fortechord Music "Until Next Fall" from "The Risky Bench"

14,145KB, 2:47; Town Lane, Amagansett at dusk in October 2005: first time I flew by watching the monitor instead of the plane ("Visual Flight Rules"), enabling amazing altitude, with the new home-made microwave tuned plate antenna on the Q-See receiver.

10,026KB, 0:51; Indian Wells Beach, Amagansett in October 2005, on a glorious sunny day. Still using the original rubber-ducky dipole on the receiver.

10,066KB, 0:54; Brian McMahon High School Playing Field, Norwalk CT, October 2005, made w/Windows Movie Maker in .wmv format (so the file is big but it should play w/o needing the DivX codec like the files marked with a "*" below). Picture from a Sony 2-board CCD (480 lines) on the SloV park flyer (whose landing gear you see!) driving the 10mW xmitter board from the old Q-See CMOS camera.

29,239KB, 3:58; A montage of Slo-V flights in the Hamptons, September 2005. Just one exciting crash-landing after another...

0604b.avi* 12,750KB, 1:55; 0604c.avi* 9,189KB, 1:23
Flying a week after 'RCSG01' at the school grounds overlooking the dam, with the old CMOS camera (not very clear!) on the Aerobird Extrem (much bigger plane this time!) In attendance -- Will and Mary!

6,717KB, 0:58; A very shaky flight in high winds around the elementary/high school grounds with views across the Whitney Point Dam. This final flight ended in a spectacular cartwheeling crash that positively hurts to watch. Amazing how this camera stands up to the abuse it's gotten at my hands!

3,462KB, time=0:33; A short flight around the field that was aborted 'with extreme prejudice' as another tree loomed up. This landing ripped the camera off the plane.

6,279KB, 1:00; More views from the campground with some harrowing dives and banks. Hold onto your lunch... followed by a rather harder landing.

16,337KB, 2:40; Circling the campground 1/2 mi. from our place in Upper Lisle, with some good altitude and views across the water and bridge down below. My least hard landing!

3,462KB, 0:45; Camera was pointed down which is kinda dizzying, but there's a nice crash into a tree at the end. It took quite a while to get the plane outta that tree...

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