Reel Treats

Transcriptions of reel-to-reel tapes from The Barn

Russell On Death (140KB)

Wholly Owned (75KB)

Dateline 2026 (468KB)

Bach's 1080 Greatest Hits (649KB)

Tape Loop 01 (909KB)

Casio Evolution 01 (300KB)

Casio Evolution 02 (197KB)

Casio Evolution 03 (674KB)

Casio Evolution 04 (1,293KB)

Tape Loop 02(1,819KB)

Pan Am Stewardess (347KB)

Pan Am Flight 2 (353KB)

Rheingold (337KB)

Metracal (353KB)

Kodak Movie Camera (355KB)

Ford Service (347KB)

Coke Valentine (350KB)

D'Agostino Move Closer to Me (239KB)

Mennon Skin Bracer (382KB)

NFL-NHL Promo Theme (225KB)

NBC Network 1974 Fall Promos (209KB)

Round the Clock Panty Hose (152KB)

Purina Cat Chow (167KB)

Gentle Day (162KB)

Exxon Distorted Map (165KB)

Tin Man Time Bomb (409KB)

Peter Turgeon VW Ad 01 (332KB)

Peter Turgeon VW Ad 02 (58KB)

Eliot WABC School Scope 3-5-72 9.18am (646KB)

Chinese Gong (2,334KB)

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